President's Corner

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Last month you saw your Union representatives out at your divisions and on the street promoting a position of being safe as you navigate through the busy streets of the city.

Over the last couple of months your Union representatives have been meeting with Mr. Ed Reiskin on how we as stakeholders in this system could help in developing an effective plan from the perspective of operators of how to deal with safety.

One very important thing that the Executive Board came up with was being pro-active when it comes to safety.  Meaning to focus on the prevention of accidents or incidents.  We realized that there was not a pro-active approach to safety and we brainstormed on how we could deliver a continuous effective message to you.  We agreed that we needed to be out in the streets with our members and to just remind you to be safe by working the rules.  We emphasized that the work rules could be very helpful to the safety of our members and the public.

We also did a safety messaging survey and ask the membership on important aspects of safe behaviors and the issues that impact your ability to perform your duties safety.  We asked and you provided valuable data that we took back to the Mr. Reiskin.  He agreed with our assessment of the issues on the street and where you work that the PRO-ACTIVE campaign for you and the public was missing.

Mr. Reiskin committed to your Union resources to implement many of your suggestions and ideas.  

As we move forward, we will be out on the streets helping you by promoting safety and listening to your issues before an incident or accident happens.

This campaign will only be successful if WE all buy into the stance of SAFETY FIRST, SAFETY LAST!

We will see you on the streets!  Remember to be Mindful Today and Everyday.

Thank you for your work.

In Solidarity,