TWU 250A Carnaval Parade Participation
5/26/2015 8:04:29 AM by Admin 250-A

Thank you to all who participated with friends and family in the Carnaval Parade.

Thanks to SF Local Businesses, San Jalisco Restaurant, 901 S Van Ness at 20th  and Casa Sanchez Food Products (Chips and Salsa) for delicious food.

See ya all next year!

Operator Town Hall
5/8/2015 7:30:46 AM by Admin 250-A

TWU Local 250-A and SFMTA

Invite you to an after-work Conversation with 

Director of Transportation
Ed Reiskin

Bring your questions and ideas for a Q & A Session

May 27th at 7pm
Muni Metro East
601 25th Street (at Illinois Street)
RSVP by May 18th

Submit your question for Ed Reiskin for the Operator Town Hall to  Early submission will allow all topics to be researched and complete answers can be provided at the Town Hall.  

Note not all questions will be asked direclty due to limited time.  We will attempt to respond back to all other questions within 2 weeks.  Thank you for your participation.

Understanding your Weingarten rights
4/27/2015 7:46:58 AM by Admin 250-A

Members:  If you are asked to go into a meeting with management, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

Your Union representative is only CURRENT ELECTED Union representatives:  Chairs, Vice Chairs, Secretary and any Union Officer.  Check the website or call the Union office if you are unsure who your current elected representative is.

No one has the authority to represent you unless they are CURRENT ELECTED Representatives.

The agency is breaching your confidentiality if allowing anyone other than a current elected representative to attend any disciplinary meeting or hearing. Any individual who is not a current elected Union representative and attends a Member's disciplinary meeting or hearing has no Union authority and is putting your employment status and rights in jeopardy.

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Cesar Chavez Labor Leader Celebration
4/21/2015 8:16:55 AM by Admin 250-A

Thank you for all who came out to support our Members and the Labor Movement.
Thanks for our fellow Union brothers and sisters from the other Locals.



Cable Car Operator Santiago Montoya Update
4/10/2015 10:26:35 AM by Admin 250-A

Please forward and post at your worksites and locations that our Union Brother is known. 

Cable Car Operator Santiago Montoya was critically injured when hit by a vehicle while assisting passengers off the cable car. He is at SFGH in ICU.  

Our Union Brother is a great operator and wonderful husband and father.  

We are collecting funds to assist his family during his hosptilization and recovery.  As we all know, sudden unexpected events are stressful and we hope to lessen the burden by assisting Zonia, his wife, through this challenging time.  

We ask the Union family to come together to comfort and support our Union brother.

Thank you for your donation, prayers and positive thoughts to our Brother Santiago.  

Donate at:

If you would like to reach Zonia, please provide your email and someone will contact you.