Transit Union Calls for Immediate Return to Bargaining with SFMTA
6/16/2014 8:40:43 AM by Admin 250-A

Union President Suggests that SFMTA’s Director of Transportation’s Absence From the Bargaining Table has Led to Misinformation

SAN FRANCISCO – TWU Local 250-A, the union representing San Francisco MUNI operators, has called for an immediate return to bargaining with the San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

“We again urge SFMTA to return to the bargaining table,” TWU Local 250-A President Eric Williams wrote today, in a letter to Ed Reiskin, Director of Transportation at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.


Why Muni can’t find good drivers
6/12/2014 5:19:45 PM by Admin 250-A

By Chris Roberts / June 12, 2014

There’s a simple explanation for why buses and trains in San Francisco are often late or never show up. 

There’s not enough people to drive them. 

The San Francisco Municipal Railway has had a chronic shortage of qualified transit operators for several years, which contributes to late or missed runs as well as mounting overtime spending, according to city documents and interviews. 


Odds Stacked Against S.F. Transit Operators in Talks, Union Leaders Say
6/10/2014 3:48:45 PM by Admin 250-A

Bryan Goebel | June 10, 2014

San Francisco transit riders were caught by surprise last week when Muni operators staged a three-day sickout. But the wildcat action was foreshadowed in the campaign four years ago against a voter-approved initiative that required collective bargaining but stripped some of the union’s power to negotiate.

“At this point, the wall is so high in negotiations that we cannot get over it because it’s an unfair process,” said Eric Williams, president of Transport Workers Union Local 250-A, which represents 2,200 operators.


6/9/2014 11:55:04 AM by Admin 250-A

Over the past week Transport Workers Union Local 2S0-A conducted many media interviews. The purpose of providing media access was to communicate the perspective of our Rank and File Operators that serve the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency to a wider audience. On most interviews, the media edited the most vital information and aired sound bites which failed to truly disclose the Union's position in an unbiased manner.

Informational Meeting
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at the

West Bay Conference Center

1290 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, California

7:00 to 9:00 pm.