11/13/2014 12:12:09 PM by Admin 250-A

2nd convenience station 3rd and Fitzgerald

Ebola Virus Threat Information
10/28/2014 11:46:04 AM by Admin 250-A

Brothers and Sisters,

In light of the Ebola Virus threat that has now entered in to the U.S. we are in contact with the City of San Francisco Infectious Disease Department about dissemination of critical safety and preparedness information.

The Infectious Disease Department is putting together a detailed notice to all city residents and city employees about contracting to symptoms of the Ebola virus.  Across the city our members are on the frontlines, constantly interacting with and serving the public. Until we receive the general notice from the city concerning the threat please use caution when faced with bodily fluids while in revenue service. If you are faced with an unsafe condition that puts you at risk of exposure you must take the appropriate steps, by immediately reporting to Central Control.  Please immediately contact the union office or your division Chairperson if you are not given adequate information from Central Control or a TS to deal with the situation as noted above.

Eric Williams President
TWU Local 250-A

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