About Us

Welcome to TWU Local 250-A

The Transport Workers Union Local 250-A represents 2,200 men and women through out the city and county of San Francisco.

Local 250-A members are the Municipal Transit Operators, Transit Fare Inspectors, Automotive Service Workers, Museum Conservators, City Department Health Inspectors, Disease Control Investigators and Curators.

We are all united in our commitment to make life better for ourselves, our families and all working people.

As a member of Local 250-A, you belong to an organization whose mission is to protect and expand your wages, health benefits, and safety to improve working conditions, promote pro-worker legislation, and unite all workers regardless of race, creed, color or gender.

As a member of Local 250-A, you will earn wages which lead your industry. You and your family have access to outstanding health care, pensions, and other benefits.

As a member of Local 250-A, you enjoy the support of millions of members across the country. Together, through the Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, we are able to protect our interest at local, state and federal levels and to support one another in times of need.

TWU Local 250-A Members Run Their Union

All Local 250-A officers must be elected by the members. Any member in good standing can become an officer.

Every three years Local 250-A members elect local officers. A President, Executive Vice President, Secretary Treasurer and Recording Secretary along with an Executive Board consisting of Division Chairpersons. These officers negotiate and enforce contracts, administer the union’s funds and represent the members in any dealings with SFMTA.

At every division, members elect a chair, vice chair, and a secretary to serve as their voice on the job. These officers handle complaints and grievances, enforce the union contract, provide information and guidance on benefits, and assist the members with job related issues.